Hike APK Download Now – Latest Version (Hike 5.4.6 for Android)

Are you searching for a decent Messenger app to chat with your friends and family? You should try Hike Messenger for Android. There are many other messenger apps including the most popular WhatsApp. But you might have heard about Hike messenger as well. It’s getting more and more popular day by day.


In fact, Hike Messenger app has reached over 100 million users and counting. Today I am going to share with you some valuable information about Hike Messenger APK for Android. Without any further delay let’s jump right into this article. Are you ready?

Download hike APK

Name hike 5.4.1 (4095)
Size 30.49 MB
Requirement Android 4.0
Last Update December 12, 2017
Author Hike Ltd.

PS. You can directly download Hike Messenger APK latest version from the link below.

Hike APK Download

Why Download Hike Messenger App

  • Send SMS (Free Free Free)

Hike messager lets you send 100 free SMS per month from Hike to a non-hike user. You can send SMS to any number from this messenger. Still, there are many people use SMS to converse with each other in India. It’s an impressive feature which lets you save some money as well.

  • Stickers

What’s new? You have seen stickers many time before. You are correct. But Hike messenger’s stickers are in the Indian language which has Movie Dialogues, Cricket, celebration and festival and each Famous Indian Slang to keep your chat interesting and fun at the same time.

  • Offline Chat

Offline chat is one of the best highlights of hike messaging app. Hike introduced this feature in the IM world. You can continue to chat with your friends even if they are offline. No need to worry about your data or its validity. On the other hand, you won’t get this feature on Whatsapp.

  • Hidden Chat

Hidden chat is another unique feature of Hike messenger. I don’t know why Whatsapp didn’t launch this features. You can hide your conversation with a particular friend rather than locking app with a password.

  • Hike Direct

Hike Direct is a sharing app. It lets you share files even if you have no active internet connection to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Two users can share files within a particular range. On the other side, you have to upload and download on Whatsapp messenger which eats up your internet data.

  • Hike News

You can read the latest news on Hike News. You can send news link to your friends through Hike messanger. It won’t be so bad to read some news while chatting with your buddies. What do you think about this feature?

  • Two-way wallpaper (Theme)

Hike Messenger lets you add a new wallpaper while you are chatting. Your friends will see it on their smartphone as well. It is called two-way wallpaper, therefore. You won’t get this feature on Whatsapp.

  • Rewards

Hike Messanger gives your coupons for recharging and shopping. You get an initial amount of Rs. 10 when you join this app for the first time. You will earn a credit of Rs. 20 if your friends join from your referral link. It needs this kind of promotional strategy to acquire more users. But you are getting free recharge and shopping coupon as well.

Hike Messenger vs. WhatsApp: Which One is The Best

Both apps are amazing. These two apps are messaging apps to chat with your friends and faimly around the world. But there are a major differences between WhatsApp and Hike App for Android. Hike messanger’s target is Indian audience solely while Whatsapp targets global audience including India. WhatsApp has crossed over 1 billion+ users worldwide. It won’t be fair to compare an international messaging app like Whatsapp with Hike messanger. But Hike is gaining popularity in India rapidly. The developers are aware of the fact that they can’t stand against Whastapp. But still, Hike is an amazing messanger app with lots of features for Indian people.

Note: WhatsApp has some sister apps like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, you may also try those if you want.

I recommend you to try Hike messanger for Android if you live in India. It has some astonishing features with user-friednly interface. You may like it more than Whatsapp messanger. Let me know your experience after using Hike messanger APK on your Android device. Kindly share this article with your friends on social media if you found it useful.